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February 28, 2016

Karen will offer a 3-hour Professional Development workshop for Montessori teachers at Montessori Education Center of the Rockies (MECR) on Sunday, February 28, 2016. 9:00 a.m.–noon. The title: Inside the Spiral of Time—Stories of Special Places in Colorado and Where You Fit In! Register Now.

Workshops and Materials for Montessori Teachers

Karen presented at the AMS annual conference in Philadelphia on the subject of Integrating “Place” into Cosmic Education. Teachers responded with enthusiasm for the orientation to Place and to Possibilities which are encouraged by the spiral timelines.

Karen is available to present professional development workshops, especially along the Colorado Front Range where she resides.


Karen Kudebeh surrounded by timespirals

Creative educational materials that engage multiple learning modalities are welcomed by Montessori teachers and students. The We Belong timespirals have been exhibited at three major Montessori events—in Portland (2013), in Dallas (2014), in Philadelphia (2015.) It is clear by the comments we’ve heard from teachers and administrators, that TimeTrace® materials and presentations integrate well with Montessori’s Cosmic education programs. We’ll keep this page updated to reflect collaborations of interest to the Montessori community.

These are the most creative new materials we’ve seen!”

These are so reasonably priced!”

— two comments heard many times at the TimeTrace® booth at the International Montessori Conference – August, 2013


Timespirals and Stories at the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy

Timespirals and Stories at the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy

Timespirals tell the Story and Science of Belonging in a form that is familiar to indigenous people – in a circle or spiral, surrounded by the ancestors. By placing each of us in the center of the spiral of time, a child understands that she belongs—Inside the Story.


Montessori teachers, authors, administrators say:

Timespirals—a popular item at the conference

Timespirals—a popular item at the conference

Your timespirals can be an invaluable resource for Montessori classrooms.  They are a great complement to our more traditional Montessori linear timelines, and really bring home the point that we are all connected.”

— Michael Duffy, author of Children of the Universe (Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Classroom)

I love these timespirals!  My class has used them in conjunction with all the timelines and with our grand Council of All Beings programs.  The timespirals and Karen’s classroom presentations have left my children electrified and eager for more!”

— John Fowler, PhD,  Upper Elementary Director at Denison Montessori, Denver;  Adjunct Faculty, Endicott Masters Programs in Montessori Integrative Learning

I thank you both as a mom and as the Board President for the school – the wonderful information you have painstakingly compiled is a beautiful mesh with what & how we teach at Compass!”

–Tracy M. McIlrath, President of the Compass Montessori Board of Directors and Head of School for Compass (two campuses in Wheatridge, CO).