Three Rivers Converge at Ghost Ranch

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Three Rivers Converge at Ghost Ranch

July 10-16, 2016

To those traveling on any of the 3 rivers, here is our message to you:

To those arriving on the River of Feng Shui:

We will explore the scientific origin of the 5 elements used in Feng Shui cures– Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal — and provide fascinating new insights as to why and how they have been consciously placed in environments to adjust Chi for centuries.

Professionals, more casual practitioners, and those new to the art of Feng Shui will be shown the importance of honoring the unique energies inherent within our home continent of North America (known by many of the First Nations as Turtle Island) when applying the spiritual knowledge that arose from a different land base in the East.

As a group, we will design collective cures that can be installed in our homes with the intent to assist important causes in the world beyond our own walls. Advanced methods to create a beautiful and empowering home base will also be introduced.

To those arriving on the River of Native America/First Nations:

All teachings will be conducted within the framework of Native based ceremony so that information which is usually presented on a purely intellectual, Eurocentric level will instead be introduced in a respectful and inclusive manner.

You will access the latest scientific narrative of the 13.8 billion year old origin of our cosmos using the Spiral form already familiar to indigenous cultures. We will provide –thru this powerful image—a means of bridging the worlds of indigenous and western ways of knowing. Special attention will be paid to Turtle as a guide between these points of view.

All participants will be gifted the Generations spiral timelines to take home to share with family and friends. They capture the power of our Ancestry to connect us to the 13.8 billion year story shared by all life.

To those arriving on the River of Western Science, Environmentalism, Deep Time:

We will ground an overview of Big History into a story of Place.  Thus we’ll work with contrasting perspectives of both Eagle and Mouse—going from the Story of the Universe all the way into the Story of Ghost Ranch—its geology, paleontology and history. We’ll engage multiple senses in learning about Place, adding meaning and power in connecting to Earth.

For those holding the grief around the current state of Earth’s diminishing life community, this larger perspective of time can be useful for renewing one’s personal power to carry on in the world.

Ghost Ranch as Convergence Point.  The Confluence of these 3 rivers is Ghost Ranch—July 10-16, 2016. Regardless of which of the 3 rivers carried you here, you will access inspiration and wisdom from the land itself.  If you are among those who are already enchanted by Ghost Ranch, this retreat will awaken new levels of appreciation for this mystical place.

…The skies and land are so enormous, and the detail so precise and exquisite, that wherever you are, you are isolated in a glowing world between the macro and the micro.”

— Ansel Adams

Most important, you’ll access knowledge, techniques and ways of being that will carry over to your own home when you leave Ghost Ranch.  You’ll have structure for identifying the Deep Time story of your place, you’ll appreciate the importance of Placement in your own home, and you’ll remember that wherever you are is Sacred Ground.

Karen Kudebeh
Laurelyn Baker
February 2016