Behold Mother Earth

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Behold Mother Earth

Raised as Catholic, I learned only one prayer that came close to honoring the feminine: the Hail Mary.  However, its words denied the basic goodness of people and Earth. Here is an alternative to honor each of us as a treasured creation of God.  This prayer’s original form was revealed to me at Ghost Ranch, NM—

— Karen Kudebeh, 2016

Behold Mother Earth
Full of Grace.
God is within you.
Blessed are you within the Cosmos,
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb:
(your name)

(Claim the gift of life by speaking your own first name, aloud)
and if there are others in attendance, have each declare his/her name

Holy Earth,
Mother of us All,
Open us to embrace your sacred Presence now,
And then, to faithfully let go when our time has come.